ANSON Nanobiotechnology (Zhuhai) Co., Ltd.  

Based on Hong Kong Anson Group, it is a high-tech biotechnology enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales. The company is mainly engaged in nano antibacterial products, including Anson nano wound patch, Anson nano burn paste and other medical products; Anson nano silver ion disinfectant gel, gynecological gel and other health products, PM2.5 anti haze mask, nano antibacterial socks, Anson nano antibacterial towel, antibacterial elderly clothing and other anti-bacterial daily necessities.

Support available:
1. Great profit margin;
2. The company promises that the quality of products is paramount. If problems of product quality are found, the goods can be returned and exchanged unconditionally.
3. The company upholds the principle of "honesty" and "win-win" and provides perfect after-sales service. More agency policies poke at us.

Manager Huang of Medical Products QQ:457985068  Tel:13322876100

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