The development course

In 2006,

1. Establish anxin nano biotechnology (zhuhai) co., LTD
2. The national food drug administration medical device products from silver nanoparticles Ⅲ class category upgrades to feed drug safety administration of the examination and approval by the state

In 2007,

On application of nano silver "burn stick" and "post trauma" as medical products Ⅲ class certification comprehensive work.
(in the same period, there are more than 300 companies producing nano-silver medical devices, and only more than 20 companies can apply)

In 2011,

In may, the company cooperated with the ophthalmology department of Beijing PLA 301 general hospital to develop antibacterial eye patches

In 2015,

In may, he participated in the China dual-use technology application promotion conference held in Beijing. In August, he was invited to participate in the fourth China innovation and entrepreneurship competition and the military to civilian competition. He won the third prize in the nano-silver multifunctional eye first-aid application and nano-silver antibacterial mask, which were completed in cooperation with the ophthalmology department of the PLA general hospital

In 2016,

In February 1, national food drug administration announced the group of "nano silver burn stick" and "wound paste" silver nanoparticles obtained nano silver Ⅲ class registration certificate of medical equipment.
(the national nano silver Ⅲ so far only four granted class certificate to continue production) 2. In December, the company was granted the patent for the invention of multi-functional eye mask by the national Patent Office

In 2017,

It has been recognized by the state as a high-tech enterprise and a number of high-tech product certification

In 2018,

1. The new silver ion disinfection gel was approved.
In October, he was invited to attend the 8th international conference on nanoscience and technology in Germany, attracting the attention of international counterparts.
2. Plan to raise funds for future business development and increase capital stock as development market and working capital
3. Reached strategic cooperation with zhuhai zhongke advanced technology research institute

In 2019,

To be continued...