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ANSON nano-biological technology (zhuhai) co., LTD. Is the only high-tech foreign enterprise invested by Hong Kong ANSON group in the mainland, which integrates r&d, production and sales.ANSON group has been committed to the r&d and commercial investment of China's nano-biotechnology projects.
The group has successively cooperated with Chinese academy of medical sciences and China union medical college to establish anxin medical science and technology development fund. With nano-biotechnology as the core, we will actively invest in the development of bio-medicine and molecular biotechnology.
According to the latest detection by national authoritative scientific research institutions, the diameter of the industrialized silver nanoparticles of ANSON group with independent intellectual property rights is less than 25nm, and 75% of them are concentrated in 3-nm, which indicates that ANSON nanotechnology has led the international advanced level.

Its predecessor, anxin nano-biological technology (shenzhen) co., LTD., was established in 2000. The "anxin nano-broad-spectrum antimicrobial particles" produced by using the core patented nano-silver technology have been applied in the field of biomedical engineering and industrialized for the first time in the world.
In June 2015, the comparative test results of the authoritative experts from the national nanoscience center confirmed that the content of silver nanoparticles in the nano-silver dressings of ANSON company was 1/6 of that of the products of famous foreign brands, and the release activity was five times of that of the comparison products.
Therefore, nano-silver medical products with independent intellectual property rights of China have established the status of "global initiative and international leader".

In order to meet the production needs, the company relocated from shenzhen to zhuhai high-tech industrial base in 2006, established a clean workshop for the production of medical equipment, and successfully passed the ISO9001 and ISO13485 system certification.
ANSON nano-biological technology (zhuhai) co., LTD., using the core patented technology with independent intellectual property rights, has successfully developed and produced medical products such as ANSON nano-wound adhesive tape, anxin nano-burn adhesive tape and disinfection gel.
The product has the advantages of broad antibacterial spectrum, rapid action, not easy to produce drug resistance, stronger sterilization in water, and promoting wound healing.
Among them, ANSON nano-wound paste and anxin nano-burn & scald paste obtained 510 (K) certificate issued by FDA in 2006, allowing them to be sold in European and American markets.

Company after 16 years of research and development, independent research and development of nanometer silver technology in the world, and through the food and drug verification research institute of China, the national center for drug safety evaluation studies in Beijing, the national center for nanoscale science, Chinese PLA general hospital, the affiliated hospital of Qingdao university, Peking union medical college hospital, Shanghai huashan hospital, Vietnam national burns hospital nano silver safe experimental verification and validation of clinical use.
On January 28, 2016 essence nano biotechnology (zhuhai) co., LTD., first get the nano silver trauma machinery (countries note must have 20163640176) and nano silver burn stick (China machinery note quasi 20163640177) national class III medical device registration certificate, be the first to obtain nano silver issued by the state drug administration medical device registration certificate of production enterprises.
With nano-antibacterial technology as the core and bio-medical field as the foundation, the company has extended nano-products into the field of daily life, researching, developing and producing all kinds of natural and green environmental protection products, daily chemicals and daily necessities.
Among them, ANSON nano antibacterial mask, ANSON antibacterial lotion, ANSON nano crisper box/film/bag, ANSON nano antibacterial underwear, anxin nano antibacterial socks, ANSON nano antibacterial towel and other products sell well in domestic and foreign markets.

ANSON company cooperated with PLA general hospital to complete the research project of modern war equipment of the ministry of science and technology, among which the product project of "nano-silver eye multi-functional first-aid application" won the third prize of the 4th China innovation and entrepreneurship competition.

"Safe" letter "credible" is the company has always been the pursuit of goals, the company with nano silver antibacterial technology as the pillar, in biomedical field as the main body, gradually to daily chemical industry, environmental protection, textiles, the development of fine chemical industry and other fields, nano science and technology to daily life, let everyone share high-tech achievements of natural, environmental protection, high quality life.

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