New regulations on the export of medical supplies such as masks have been implemented since April 1
日期:2020-04-17 编辑:ANSON nanobiotechnology (Zhuhai) Co., Ltd.

Zhuhai's first resumed production of masks added production lines, the daily production of 150,000-180,000

"Work resumed on the third day of the year, with a daily output of 20,000;

With the support of zhuhai municipal party committee and municipal government and high-tech zone committee and district government, two more production lines have been added, with a daily output of 150,000 to 180,000.

On the afternoon of March 24, the first batch of 100,000 nano-silver anti-bacterial masks exported to the European Union by anson nanobibiotech (zhuhai) co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "anson") was handed over at a ceremony, and they will be exported by air the next day.

General manager zhou jiafa said that since the resumption of work, the staff has been working around the clock, so far has delivered 1.8393 million disposable surgical masks, nano-silver antibacterial masks 249,700, a total of 2.899m.

Teng warehouse investment funds to help enterprises to resume production

It is understood that ansoncompany is a high-tech nanobiological enterprise integrating research and development, production and sales.

With independent intellectual property rights, the company develops and produces internationally leading nano-silver medical and health products: anxin nano-burn paste, anson nano-wound paste;

Nano silver anti-smog mask, nano silver anti-bacterial socks, nano silver anti-bacterial clothing for the elderly and anson brand silver ion disinfection gel, antibacterial gel for women.

Affected by the Spring Festival holiday and COVID - 19 epidemic, less than 50% of the staff of anson company returned to work at the beginning of the year.

At that time, as the first mask manufacturer to resume production in zhuhai, guo yonghang, secretary of zhuhai municipal party committee, yao yisheng, deputy secretary and mayor of zhuhai municipal party committee, and zhang yisheng, member and deputy mayor of zhuhai municipal committee, came to the company to guide the resumption of production.

On January 31, su hu, deputy secretary of the party committee and director of the district management committee of zhuhai high-tech zone, went to the company to learn about the resumption of production of epidemic prevention supplies, and arranged the production assistant to settle in and help solve the problems of capital, staff, raw materials and equipment.

Zhuhai actively coordinated and arranged the first 3.5 million yuan assistance fund, and continued to increase the fund support according to the following situation.

The fourth floor of a building next door to anxin used to be a warehouse for a cosmetics company.

Zhou jiafa told the reporter of new express that in order to promote the company to replenish the production line as soon as possible, the mayor of zhuhai and the director of high-tech zone worked on the spot. The warehouse of more than 1200 square meters was vacated in three days and changed into the new workshop of anson company.

At present, anson company delivers 50,000 masks to the zhuhai government and about 10,000 to the zhuhai high-tech zone government every day.

Mask can be used repeatedly by adding core technology

Anson has a hardcore product - nano silver antibacterial masks.

Keep the mask dry in a ventilated place and continue to use the next day.

Or blow with the hot wind of hair dryer two or three minutes also can continue to use.

To wear continuously 8 hours per day, use cycle up to 7 days.

Zhou introduced that nano - silver antibacterial mask has four layers.

In addition to the conventional inner and outer sides of the monolayer spunbonded non-woven cloth, the middle melt spray non-woven cloth, also added a layer of nano silver non-woven cloth.

It has the effect of absorbing water and releasing highly active silver ion to kill bacteria and viruses.

"This is the core nanotechnology and patent of our company. At the 8th nanotechnology conference held in Potsdam, Germany, in October 2018, zhuhai anson company became the new highlight of this conference with its report on the practical application of nano-silver in medical clinic."

The wear experiment of the Hong Kong polytechnic university proves that after 8 hours of continuous wear, the total amount of bacteria on the surface of the medical nursing mask with anson nano-silver antibacterial technology is far below the allowable range of national standards and can be used repeatedly.

And the common mask on the market is worn after 4 hours, the total number of bacteria on the surface exceeds the range value of the national standard to allow 4-5 times, unfavorable reuse.

"On the premise of complying with regulations and ensuring quality, reusable surgical masks not only greatly improve the use efficiency of masks, but also reduce resource consumption and environmental pollution."

Zhang feng, director of the medical equipment department of the drug administration of guangdong province, said the demand for masks continues to rise as local enterprises resume production. Promoting the technology and raw materials to mask manufacturers across the province will greatly improve the efficiency of masks and reduce the production of discarded masks.

In late February, under the guidance of guangdong provincial drug administration, anson company improved and upgraded the nano-silver technology previously applied in medical products, and obtained the approval to use it in the production of surgical masks during epidemic period through the urgent filing of "green channel" of zhuhai municipal market supervision administration.

On March 12, guangdong provincial people's government information office held the 41st epidemic prevention and control press conference, the deputy director of guangdong provincial science and technology department gong guoping also introduced the nano-silver antibacterial masks, to promote the development and production of reusable masks.

High-tech products to overcome the outbreak to enhance confidence

"We don't boast that our products are very bactericidal, but we helped defeat the epidemic with eight million nano-masks during the SARS epidemic.

Now, we also want to share nanotech products with more people and increase our confidence against novel coronavirus!"

Anson company general manager zhou jiafa said.

The data show that the silver ion has a strong oxidation.

Under the action of light, the water-containing air can produce reactive oxygen species O2- and hydroxyl free radicals, which have a strong REDOX effect, so that the silver ion can be very effective in inhibiting or killing bacteria.

The antibacterial properties of silver ions are closely related to their valence state. The antibacterial order of silver ions is: Ag3+>Ag2+>Ag1+>Ag1.

Antelman M S found that high-priced silver was 200 times more effective than low-priced silver in killing bacteria and had a high resistance to chloride interference.

According to zhou jiafa, Ag + REDOX potential (0.798 V, 25 ℃), Ag2 + REDOX potential (1.987 V, 25 ℃), Ag3 + REDOX potential (2.5007 V, 25 ℃), the higher the reduction potential is, the greater the biological potential energy is, and the more active and powerful the bactericidal activity is.

Silver ion is usually Ag+. If it loses 3 electrons, it will become Ag3+, which will increase the sterilization capacity by 50-200 times.

Trivalent silver ions are 300 to 17,000 times more effective than metallic silver or silver salts, and 60,000 times more effective than alcohol.

Zhou jiafa told the new express reporter, although the higher the price state of silver ion, its antibacterial effect is greater, but the silver ion is very unstable, the general effect of silver ion sterilization has been enough, and the company is using silver ion technology.

According to zhou jiafa, silver nanoparticles are elemental silver particles. Due to their small particle size, large specific surface area and strong activity, in the case of air and moisture, the oxide film on the surface of silver nanoparticles releases silver ions, namely silver 2 valence, which interact with bacteria and viruses to kill them.