Nanometer silver burn burn dressing how to clean the wound surface?
日期:2019-10-31 编辑:ANSON nanobiotechnology (Zhuhai) Co., Ltd.

Essence in the use of zhuhai burn dressing silver nanoparticles, we in the wound or cleaning disinfection, do not need to use alcohol, iodine volts, disinfection treatment, such as water of mercurochrome, as long as to clean the wound with physiological saline or wetting labeled products of silver nanoparticles can, in replacement of also do not need to use other ways to disinfection of the wound, in case of need to directly on the wound with saline water wetting change into products of silver nanoparticles.

For degree II burn and scald wounds or burn and scald wounds above degree II, debridement shall be carried out on the wound first, and debris and residual necrotic tissue on the wound shall be cleaned. For those with blisters, blisters shall be cut off.

For good wound debridement, stick zhuhai essence burn silver nanoparticles with PE film side to apply on debridement good wound, bind to wound and burn all the front three days in the inflammatory response, this time the drainage is relatively more, if the seepage is more, we can take the adsorption method to reduce the drainage in zhuhai after essence hot silver nanoparticles dressings covering treatment in the use of zhuhai essence so hot silver nanoparticles when they need to apply dressing on the wound in the above affix a gauze to absorb the drainage, and fixed with the adhesive tape

According to the amount of exudation, the number of dressing changes can be determined. If the patient has less exudation, it is recommended to replace one tablet in 2 days without changing the gauze. If the patient has more exudation, replace the nano-silver burn and scald patch with changing the gauze to absorb the exudation.

After the inflammation reaction period, the essence of burn stick long-acting antibacterial silver nanoparticles, obtained the very good control of infection, granulation tissue is in production, we call it the granulation tissue campaign, drainage are very few, this time with our nano silver stick apply cover burn wounds, no longer need stamped with gauze to absorb the drainage, we apply the cover burn dressings for bare treatment silver nanoparticles, beneficial to the rapid production of granulation tissue, accelerate wound healing, this time about 3 days in a nano silver burn stick.

Tissue recovery, at this time of the wound began to scab over, the use of essence hot silver nanoparticles dressings, fixed after burn stick, silver nanoparticles can be burn stick above add just the right amount of saline wetting, lets stick to burn wounds, nano silver in a wet environment slow release silver ions to antibacterial anti-inflammatory, promote wound healing, generally about five days can change at a time until the wounds healed completely.

Zhuhai essence is applicable for kinds of II degree burn dressing silver nanoparticles and the following, large area of ulcer and skin burn or scald wounds, for the skin area, large area wound, for III degree burn wound infection in early treatment and post-processing wound healing is more applicable, just III degree burn wounds need to deal with the various treatment, but no matter what processing treatment, powerful anti-infection effect of silver nanoparticles is more conducive to wound healing.