Disinfecting gels and wound patches promote wound healing
日期:2019-07-03 编辑:ANSON nanobiotechnology (Zhuhai) Co., Ltd.

Anson brand silver ion disinfection gel is suitable for burn and scald, skin supply and skin grafts.

Bedsore, diabetic foot ulcer, vascular ulcer of lower limbs;

Surgical incisions, cuts, abrasions and other acute wounds.

The wound paste has broad spectrum and rapid sterilization, improves the microcirculation of blood around tissue injury, reduces inflammation, relieves pain and inhibits bacterial reproduction, significantly promotes the repair and regeneration of damaged tissue, accelerates wound healing, and reduces scar formation.

This is my primary school classmate Yang shihai, a teacher who retired from liu SAN vocational college last week. He got on a bus and scratched his lower leg. He basically healed with our sterilizing gel and wound plaster for three or four days.

The following are the testimonials sent by students:

It's too late. Excuse me.

I would like to ask you about the two anson antiseptic gel and nano silver wound plaster you sent me.

External wounds can be applied directly to the affected area.

I was on the bus the day before yesterday. I didn't step on the ladder properly. I slipped down and hit the pedal.

I have a seat when I get on.

Foot pain I don't look at it, after getting off, I didn't walk a few steps away.

Feel a lot of sweat inside shoes, shoes slippery, walk not move.

Then fold hook a look, the original out of a foot of han.

The trousers are red.

Then I felt a pain in my foot.

At that time, my daughter helped me clean up the wound, because there was still blood.

Use yunnan white medicine to stop the bleeding.

The white medicine was then covered with a nanosilver wound patch.

It's been two and a half days and the wound hasn't healed yet.

I applied the nanosilver wound patch and disinfectant gel, and after two days the wound was dry.

The redness and swelling gradually reduced and basically healed after three or four days.

How good your potion is!

One of my friends, who has diabetes, must wear cotton clothes.

If you wear chemical products, your skin will be tight and inflamed. You can improve your normal skin after rubbing your gel.

Zhuhai anson nanometer silver wound paste can be used together with disinfection gel to resist infection and protect the wound surface. A gel layer can be formed on the wound surface to avoid the adhesion between the dressing and the wound surface and reduce the secondary injury during dressing change. Meanwhile, external particles such as dust can be isolated to prevent the invasion of bacteria.