Anson nanometer medical products show China international medical device expo (shandong)
日期:2019-03-19 编辑:ANSON nanobiotechnology (Zhuhai) Co., Ltd.

Zhuhai anson nano was invited to participate in the 41st China international medical device expo (shandong) in 2019, which attracted many medical industry brand manufacturers.

In the hustle and bustle of the exhibition, visitors stop at the booth of anson nano-biotechnology (zhuhai) co., LTD., and are attracted by the high-tech nano-technology products of the company, learning about the performance, style and price from time to time.

Anson nano biotechnology (zhuhai) co., LTD. Is the only high-tech foreign enterprise invested by anxin group in mainland China, which integrates r&d, production and sales.

Anson group has been committed to the r&d and commercial investment of China's nano-biotechnology projects.

The group has successively cooperated with Chinese academy of medical sciences and China union medical college to establish anson medical science and technology development fund.

With nano-biotechnology as the core, we will actively invest in the development of biomedicine and molecular biotechnology.

According to the latest detection by national authoritative scientific research institutions, the diameter of the industrialized silver nanoparticles of anson group with independent intellectual property rights is less than 25nm, and 75% of them are concentrated in 3-nm, which indicates that anxin nanotechnology has led the international advanced level.

Anson nano-silver burn and scald tape and nano-silver wound tape are the only products in the market that have been approved by applying registration certificate of class iii medical device standards: this advantage is reflected in stricter production requirements, higher safety standards and more effective functional effects.

And other 2 kinds rise the product of 3 kinds to need to undertake 3 kinds of standard flow to model afresh inside 5 years, be eliminated otherwise.

At present, anson nano has absolute leading advantages in technology. Firstly, our products adopt dry anti-adhesion technology, and use PE biofilm of snoop & hui company in the UK to effectively prevent adhesion between veneer and wound.

Secondly, the diameter of silver nanoparticles in our company is less than 25NM, 75% of which focuses on 3-nm, which overcomes the "reunion imagination" and is the core of nanotechnology.

Compared with other nano-silver products on the market, our products have been upgraded for 5 generations, while other products are still at the technical level of our first generation.

Ansonnano-products have rich specifications and types, which are suitable for various types of clinical wounds, including some special applications, such as indwelling needle, special for gynecological caesarean section, etc.

At present, according to the needs of wound use in different clinical periods, the product characteristics of our company are still being improved and adjusted, and we have added moisturizing products, which are used for wounds with less oozing in the recovery period.

Increased the big net hole dry compress, used for the wound early seepage more wound, greatly increased the permeability, with the benefit of wound recovery.

Anson nano-biological technology (zhuhai) co., LTD., using the core patented technology with independent intellectual property rights, has successfully developed and produced anson nano-wound paste, anson nano-burn and scald paste, disinfection gel and other medical products.

The product has the advantages of broad antibacterial spectrum, rapid action, not easy to produce drug resistance, stronger sterilization in water, and promoting wound healing.

Among them, anson nano-wound paste and anson nano-burn & scald paste obtained 510 (K) certificate issued by FDA in 2006, allowing them to be sold in European and American markets.

Through participating in the shandong expo, the sales colleagues of the medical products department showed the anson nano-silver burn and scald tape and anson nano-silver wound tape, which enabled them to better understand the huge business opportunities of jinan medical market in shandong province.

"Safe" letter "credible" is the company has always been the pursuit of goals, the company with nano silver antibacterial technology as the pillar, in biomedical field as the main body, gradually to daily chemical industry, environmental protection, textiles, the development of fine chemical industry and other fields, nano science and technology to daily life, let everyone share high-tech achievements of natural, environmental protection, high quality life.