How to distinguish different degrees of burn burn mouth
日期:2019-03-19 编辑:ANSON nanobiotechnology (Zhuhai) Co., Ltd.

The antibacterial effect of anson nano silver scald paste is good, the curative effect of ulcer infection wound is significant, the effect of promoting healing is strong, it can effectively promote the healing of ulcer wound, with water can further enhance the activity, strengthen the function of play, after the wound application of this product can rest assured bath and water operation.

The wound healing time was shortened by more than 40%.

In the department of burn and scald, dressing was selected according to different conditions of the wound.

At present, the wound is usually divided into three degrees and four degrees.

Degree I burn: only the epidermis is injured, and the local redness and swelling is also known as erythematous burn.

Pain and burning, slightly elevated skin temperature.

3-5d improved recovery, desquamate without scar.

Grade II burns: dermal depth, local appearance of blisters, also known as blister burns.

Superficial grade II: only the epidermal germinal layer and dermal papillary layer were injured.

Because exudation is more, blisters are relatively full, after rupture, the wound surface seepage is obvious, the wound bottom is swollen and reddened, there is severe pain and hypersensitivity, the skin temperature increases.

If no infection and other complications, about 2 weeks can heal, heal without scar.

Can have inside short - term pigmentation, skin function is good.

Degree II: injury to the dermis, residual skin appendages.

Because metamorphic surface layer is organized a bit thicker, blister is lesser or more flat wait, feel slightly insensitive, skin temperature also can be a bit low.

After the removal of the epidermis, the wound showed light red or red and white, or the network embolism of blood vessels could be seen.

Without complications such as infection, 3-4 Zhou Keyu, left a scar after healing (note: starting from the deep II degree  2 scar!)

But the basic preservation of the medical education network to collect collation of skin function.

Degree III burns: damage to the whole layer of the skin, even to the subcutaneous, muscular, skeletal, etc.

Skin necrosis, dehydration after the formation of eschars, so also known as eschars burn.

The wound is not blisters, wax white or brown, or visible dendritic embolism of blood vessels, such as leather, or even charred.

The sensation disappeared and the skin temperature was low.

Natural healing is slow and requires the callus to fall off and the granulation to grow into a scar.

Not only lose skin function, and often become malformed.

Anson nano silver burn stick has good air permeability, absorption and antibacterial properties, and good wound healing effect.

It has a good fixation effect on the difficult bandaging places (rib, chest, neck, etc.);

Can have the good cushion function to the easy extrusion place (the back, the buttocks) operation place.

Nano silver active sterilization, local biological heat effect, improve wound blood circulation, accelerate wound healing.