Comparison of the effect of anson nano - silver burn paste on patients
日期:2019-03-19 编辑:ANSON nanobiotechnology (Zhuhai) Co., Ltd.

In 2000, it was the first company in the world to apply and commercialize nano-silver in medical dressings. On January 28, 2016, it was the first company in China to obtain three types of medical registration certificates (anson  nano biotechnology (zhuhai) co., LTD.).

A variety of traumatic ulcer wounds, diabetic ulcer wounds and long-term pressure to the pressure on the bedsore wounds.

Mr. X unfortunately burned his hand, went to the affiliated hospital of zheng daoda burn treatment, see the degree of hand burn belongs to deep second degree burn, rotten to see the flesh do not see the skin, hand pain did not dare to moan.

Before and after the use of zhuhai anxin nano-silver burn soup wound paste the comparison effect is as follows:

Instructions for anson  nano silver burn adhesive are as follows:

Step 1: debridement and wound management (suture, etc.).

It can be cleaned with normal saline or water (red mercury and iodine are not allowed).

Step 2: apply the disinfectant gel.

Apply gel to each point of the wound. If the wound is deep, fill the wound with a sterile gel.

The third step: the size of the appropriate (can cover the wound) burns stick on the wound, the lighter color of the anti-stick layer directly with the wound contact.

Step 4: use adhesive tape to fix the wound without exudation.

If there is exudation on the wound surface, apply the appropriate number of layers of gauze and tape to fix the frequency of dressing change. If there is a large amount of exudation, it shall be replaced every day.

If the amount of exudation is small, it will be replaced within 2-3 days.

If there is adhesion during dressing change, wet the wound with normal saline and gently remove it.

Essence of nano silver burn is different from the traditional sterilization mechanism of antibiotics, broad-spectrum sterilization, without resistance, good air permeability, strong adsorption, long-lasting, convenient, safe, sterilization, super strong permeability quickly penetrate into skin, into deeper tissue bactericidal anti-inflammatory, improve microcirculation, accelerating the repair of the injured tissue and promote wound healing and reduce scar formation, treat water sterilization force stronger, etc.

Its antibacterial and bactericidal applications have reached the international advanced level, which can effectively prevent the rapid reproduction and mutation of bacteria and viruses, and avoid the sequelae caused by the abuse of antibiotics.