Silver nanoparticles are used in textiles
日期:2019-03-19 编辑:ANSON nanobiotechnology (Zhuhai) Co., Ltd.

Nano-silver anti-bacterial fabric has the functions of anti-radiation, anti-bacteria and anti-pollution. It is soft, breathable and washable. It is the most ideal fabric for producing anti-radiation clothing.

Its radiation - proof effect is better than that of other metal materials made of radiation - proof cloth, suitable for a variety of intensity of electromagnetic radiation environment.

Can do a variety of anti-radiation clothing fabrics, lining and mezzanine, can be close-fitting wear, close-fitting do not stick to the body, and no side effects on the human body.

Sterilization mechanism of silver nanoparticles and catalytic reaction are similar, it is as close to the silver nanoparticles, viruses, fungi, bacteria and bacteria cell walls (or cell membrane) has fairly strong combining ability, can directly enter the bacteria, hydrogen and oxygen metabolism of sulfur rapidly base (SH), blocking metabolic lose its activity, until they die, the bacterial body is along with the human metabolism.

Nano-silver leaves the body, the cells are still intact, is safe for the human body.

Good heat conduction in cold weather, the body will reflect heat (95%) to the skin, so that the radiation of heat loss to the minimum, more quickly keep warm.

When the weather is hot, it can quickly disperse the heat energy to the clothes everywhere and the surrounding air, with the effect of warm in winter and cool in summer.

The product has been tested by the authoritative department, and it has the ability of lasting sterilization and bacteriostasis as well as remarkable deodorization effect.

Many domestic garment enterprises have fully realized the importance of the development of nano silver antibacterial fabrics for the expansion of the market, and actively carry out the research and development and production of nano silver antibacterial fabrics.

With the international trend, it means that the anti-bacterial nano-silver fabrics meet the requirements of fashion consumers and meet the market demand orientation.

Such nano - silver anti - bacterial fabrics also contains a corporate pursuit of profit.

When talking about the development trend of nano silver antibacterial fabrics, with the emergence of new technologies and new products, nano silver antibacterial textiles have been greatly improved in appearance design and feel. The basic comfort and safety of traditional products can no longer fully meet the diversified needs of fashion consumers.

The promotion and breakthrough of nano silver antibacterial fabrics may bring inestimable profits to enterprises.