Disposable medical masks

Disposable medical masks can block or protect against particles or aerosols other than pathogenic microorganisms, such as pollen.Personnel working in general medical environment play a protective role.

Disposable medical masks are suitable for covering the mouth, nose and jaw of the user. They are used to wear and block the exhalation or emission of pollutants from the mouth and nose in the general medical environment.


The bacterial filtration efficiency should be no less than 95%.

Not applicable to medical protective masks, medical surgical masks.

Basic structure:

The first layer: the outer layer has a water-blocking effect, which can prevent the droplets from entering the mask

The second layer: melt spray cloth has the function of filtering bacteria, which can be used to block 95% bacteria

The third layer: the inner layer near the mouth and nose is chemical fiber non-woven cloth, which is used to isolate the direct contact with the melting spray cloth


The appearance of the mask should be clean and in good shape. The surface should not be damaged or stained.

Structure and dimensions

After wearing the mask, it should cover the wearer's mouth, nose and jaw.

Should conform to the design size, the maximum deviation should not exceed ±5%.

Nose clip

The mask should be fitted with a nose clip made of plastic material.

The length of the nose clip should not be less than 8.0cm.

Masks with

The mask belt should be worn easily.

The breaking strength of each mask worn at the junction of the mask body should not be less than 10N.