Silver ion disinfection gel

Product specification: 10g/18g/50g
Period of validity: 2 years
Active ingredient: 0.036%-0.044% highly active silver ion and hydrogel
Product advantages: it can inhibit and eliminate more than 650 kinds of harmful bacteria.
Durable antibacterial, bactericidal rate up to 99%,
This product is non - greasy, non - toxic and non - irritating.

Now the silver ion gel has been successfully developed and made by perfect combination of silver ion and innovative medical hydrogel with anson high and new technology.

The new silver ion bactericidal gel can be used in damaged skin and mucous membrane, and has the advantages of non-toxic, non-irritating and non-greasy feeling.

Characteristics of silver ion disinfection gel:

1. Pain relief: this agent contains moisturizing high-purity water > 90%, which can keep the wound moist and prevent the nerve end of the wound from being slightly exposed to the air and relieve pain.

2. Autodebridement: silver ion hydrogel can provide water to the necrotic tissue and promote its release of tissue proteolytic enzyme, which is conducive to autodebridement.

3. Wound protection: the gel layer formed on the wound surface can avoid the adhesion between the dressing and the wound surface, and reduce the mechanical damage caused by changing the dressing.

In addition, the gel layer on the wound surface plays a protective role in preventing the invasion of external dust particles and bacteria.

4, antibacterial and durable: after the constantly sparse silver ions in the gel kill the bacteria, they do not disappear, and the free silver ions can be re-sterilized under the action of hydration, so its bactericidal function is efficient and durable without drug resistance.

5. Strong comfort: silver ion disinfection gel can form a semi-permeable film layer on the wound surface, which is conducive to the exchange of oxygen and water and the repair and regeneration of tissues. Due to its convenient external use, no greasy feeling and comfortable feeling.

Silver ion disinfection gel bactericidal rate of 99%

After 5 minutes of action, the average killing pairs of e. coli, staphylococcus aureus, streptococcus albicans and pseudomonas aeruginosa were all >, 3.00 after 3 experiments with 15 groups of controls.

Field disinfection test on skin surface: after 30 controlled tests, the average killing value of natural bacteria on skin surface was > 1.47

Application scope of silver ion disinfection gel:

Main functions:

1. Scald and sterilize after burn

2, relieve the pain of oral ulcer, promote wound healing

3, trauma, abrasions anti-inflammatory pain, protect the wound

4, can be used to avoid hand washing sterilization

5. Antibacterial and bactericidal for hemorrhoids

6. Rash, prickly heat, mosquito bites, itch relief and swelling