Nano silver mask

New generation of silver nanoparticles anti-bacterial haze selection!
The bactericidal aspect is wide: nano-silver can kill more than 650 kinds of bacteria fundamentally, and has a wide range of bactericidal functions.
Strong bactericidal power: nano-silver particles will not dissolve in water, but will increase their activity, and produce silver ions through slow-release, the bactericidal effect is better;
High safety: nano silver is a non-antibiotic bactericide, no drug resistance, antibiot

Nano-innovative technology

+ condensing breather valve

Carbon free is healthier!

(PM2.5 pollen dust haze)

Ingenious two-way flow condensing breathing valve

Innovative condensing breathing valve

When exhaling, the valve opens and the exhaled gas is discharged through the air valve to prevent secondary pollution.

When inhaling, the valve is closed, effectively blocking small particles and resisting bacterial viruses.

Aerodynamic design of bonnet

Alternate the same position twice to guide the airflow away from the eyes and face to reduce moisture accumulation and prevent fogging.

Nano-silver has stronger antibacterial ability

Stronger antibacterial ability:

Silver nanoparticles can effectively resist more than 650 kinds of bacteria, and have a wide range of antibacterial and bacteriostatic functions. Moreover, silver nanoparticles will not be dissolved or lost when exposed to water, but will increase their activity.

Better protection effect

Nanometer silver mask can effectively filter pm2.5 particles, dust, haze, automobile exhaust and other harmful substances, and fully protect respiratory health;

Physical antibacterial is safer

The silver nanoparticles attached to the mask are physical antibacterial and have no drug resistance. They are also effective and safer against antibiotic-resistant strains.

Odor removal

The mask itself has a pleasant herbal fragrance, which can effectively prevent the invasion of peculiar smell in the air. At the same time, the silver nanoparticle itself has the self-cleaning function, which can effectively remove the peculiar smell in the exhaled gas.

Four layers filter healthy breathing

First layer: 30g non-woven fabric

Filter the particles above 0.3 micron.

The second layer of high electrostatic spray cloth

Good electrostatic adsorption effect, high efficiency, filter the exhaust, pollen, dust, pm2.5 and other small particles in the air, filter efficiency up to 99%.

The third layer of anxin nano silver cloth

Anson nano has a unique nano-silver cloth layer, which can effectively fight against more than 650 kinds of bacteria such as influenza virus, MERS and SARS, and release silver particles for a long time.

The fourth layer of quality skin - friendly non - woven fabric

High-quality skin-friendly non-woven fabric, soft to the touch, fully protect facial skin.

Six advantages are worth having

360 ° 3 d design

Three-dimensional human body engineering design, 360 ° seamless joint, fit is high, the protection is better.

Custom fabric zero stimulation

Anson nano professional customized filter material, strong filtering effect, soft fabric no irritation to the skin.

Easier breathing with lower resistance

Equipped with bidirectional flow condensing breath valve, breathing resistance is small, breathing more smoothly.

Soft nose pad and built-in adjustable nose clip

High quality bending resistance and high performance metal nose clip and high quality tight nose pad enhance the snugginess and comfort of the nose.

Elastic wide ear strap

Special elastic wide ear band, sweat absorption and breathable, no ear tightening, double solder joint reinforcement.

Sealed packing is more sanitary

Seal the package independently to ensure the safety and hygiene of the mask.