Nano silver underwear

Repeated washing, anti-bacterial durability: even after repeated washing, nano-anti-bacterial fabric can ensure the long-term effective release of silver ions, and its anti-bacterial properties remain unchanged. The fabric treated with antimicrobial agent loses its antimicrobial property after washing for many times.
Nano-silver has stronger bactericidal power when exposed to water: because nano-silver has very strong activity, it is easier to release silver ions slowly in water or humid enviro

Men choose the right underwear more "sex" blessing

(wearing the right underpants is the first step in male reproductive health)

Have you considered their feelings?

Itching -- sitting for too long is stuffy and stuffy

Odor -- common underwear has poor air permeability

Embarrassment - when the chips are down, the hero is short

Wearing the right underpants is the first step in male reproductive health

Larger space: concave and convex design for scientific protection

Three-dimensional cutting, supporting design, upward traction, relieve the gravity pressure of key parts, forming a full surrounded scientific protection.

More health: all-silver nanofibers

Made of nanometer silver fiber cloth, it can effectively inhibit bacteria, eliminate damp and peculiar smell, and resist pruritus.

More protection: hydrophilic properties last longer

When silver nanoparticles are exposed to water, they will not be dissolved or lost, but will contribute to the generation of silver ions. Washing underwear will not affect the bacteriostasis effect.

The experiment confirmed that the antibacterial effect of anxin nano antibacterial underwear still remained after 100 times of washing.

More comfort: snug and soaking

Thread structure, uniform fabric density, fine and soft, good fitting effect, comfortable wearing, good air permeability, good moisture absorption.

Good fabric is really comfortable

(100% nano silver attachment)

Perfect matching ratio -- say goodbye to the problem that both handle and elasticity cannot be taken into account, comfort and deformation cannot be taken into account

The perfect ratio of 47.5% combed cotton and 47.5% modal and 5% spandex, giving consideration to both the handle and comfort level, soft and skin-friendly, comfortable and breathable, completely saying goodbye to the poor feel of pure cotton fabric, poor elasticity, easy to break holes;

Pure modal fabric is easy to deform, not close to the skin.

Natural health - xinjiang high - quality long - staple cotton and lanjing modal perfect combination

Antibacterial, antibacterial, breathable, soft and skin-friendly

Refuse formaldehyde pollution -- reactive environmental printing and dyeing process

Italian reactive printing and dyeing process, anxin nano anti-microbial yarn with nano silver particles and the patented technology of its production method, environmental protection and health, do not fade or shrink when washing.

Details of the resolution

Double seam at waist

The waistband adopts the special double stitching technology, with an extra layer of stitching, which can effectively prevent the belt from being out of shape, and the service life of the belt is 5 times that of ordinary underwear.

Press the watermark

The waist head is printed with watermark, which gives you a more comfortable wearing experience.

Fine hem

Exquisite wire technology, wire smooth and neat, not off the line does not drop, high-end atmosphere.

Product attributes

Product parameters

Brand: ANSONnanosilver/ anxin nano

Product name: anxin nano-waist pure color full nano anti-bacterial breathable boxer shorts

Color: 4 colors (black, navy blue, dark gray, dark purple)

Fabric: 47.5% cotton, 47.5% modal, 5% spandex

Product grade: first class

Size: M, L, XL, XXL

Index reference

Thickness index: moderate

Softness index: soft

Elasticity index: has elasticity

Close-fitting index: moderate

Size selection

M: 160/45

L: 165/50

XL: 170/55

XXL: 180/65