Antibacterial lotion

Scope of use:
Menstruation, sexual life and daily cleaning care.
Usage method:
After kneading and washing with vulva directly, the product acts for 5-10 minutes (to achieve a strong anti-bacterial effect), and is washed with clear water.
Main active ingredients and contents:
Zinc lactate 1.5%, tea saponin 1.0%, alkyl glycosides (expressed in solid content) 11%.

ANSON antibacterial lotion instructions

AMoM antibacterial lotion

[structure and properties] this product is made up of natural plant essence such as nanometer zinc lactate, tea soap turbulent and surface active

Alkyl polyglycosides, a special detergent for weak acidity, are refined by a special process.

It has bactericidal effect and is conducive to maintaining the balance of female vaginal microecology.

[usage] menstrual period, before and after sex and daily cleaning care.

[usage] apply an appropriate amount of this product to the vulva and knead and wash it directly for 5-10 minutes

To the stronger anti-bacterial effect, wash with clean water

【 specification 】120ml/ bottle;

200 ml/bottle


[main active ingredients and contents] zinc lactate 1.5%, tea saponin 1.0%

Alkyl glycosides (solid content)11%

Escherichia coli, staphylococcus aureus,

Candida albicans.

[implementation standard] QAS8


1. This product is topical antibacterial lotion, and oral administration is prohibited.

2, do not use with other similar products, such as local allergic reaction

Should, should stop using immediately.

3, if there is a little precipitation in the process of storage is normal, do not affect the use.

Storage: store in a cool and ventilated place.

[validity] 24 months

[health license number of production enterprise] yueweixiao certificate [2007 no. 0839]

[manufacturer] anxin nano biotechnology (zhuhai) co., LTD

Address: 4th floor, building 3, phase I, zone C, 99 university road, tangjiawan, zhuhai

Contact number: 0756-3660228

[zip code] 519080

[production date, batch number and expiry date] see the package label

Must not be used in the sexual life to the venereal disease prevention