Anson Gynecological Silver Gel

Scope of use:
It is suitable for disinfection of damaged skin.
It is suitable for the disinfection of vaginal mucosa, and is limited to the diagnosis and treatment of medical and health institutions.
Usage method:
This product is not irritating. It can be applied directly to the broken skin. Vaginal mucosa is only used in medical and health institutions for 5 minutes.

Anson  Gynecological Silver Gel

[product name] Anson  Gynecological Silver Gel

[effective composition and content] silver ion, silver content :0.036%-0044%

[implementation standard] /As012

【 microbicide category 】 this product can kill intestinal bacteria, pyogenic coccus, pathogenic fungi and hospital infection

[scope of application] 1 suitable for disinfection of damaged skin;

2. It is suitable for disinfection of vaginal adhesion, only for medical and health institutions

[usage] this product is non-irritating and can be applied directly to damaged skin.

Ming road sticky gu, only

Limited to medical and health institutions for diagnosis and treatment.

Function 5 minutes, can avoid cleaning

1. Disinfectant for external use, not for internal use;

2. Keep out of reach of children

3, do not with soap, washing powder, bath liquid, iodine tincture, red mercury, potassium permanganate, etc

【 storage 】 storage at room temperature, dry, ventilated, clean environment

[validity] two years

[dosage form] coagulant

[specification] 8g/ bag, 10g/ piece, 20g/ piece, 25g/ piece, 30g/ piece, 50g/ bottle, 100g/ bottle, special specification can be according to the order requirements.

[production enterprise license no.] yue wei xiao zheng zi [2007] no. 0839

[manufacturer] anson nano biotechnology (zhuhai) co., LTD

[production date and batch validity] see the package label