Nano silver wound patch

Product performance:
This product is a disposable use of antimicrobial medical dressing, through the slow release of silver ions, to achieve antimicrobial effect.
Main structure: It consists of adhesive layer, anti-bacterial layer containing nano-silver and stripping paper.
Scope of application: For wound wounds, to help reduce wound infection.

Instructions for use of nanometer silver wound tape

[product name] (general name) nano-silver wound paste

[specification] 1.8 *7.2, 2.2 *7.0, 4 *5, 5.5* 7.5, 8 *12, 9 *10, 9 *15, 9 *20, 9 *25,

9 *30, 9* 40, 15 *15, 20 *20 (unit cm)

[production license no.] yuefood pharmaceutical supervision equipment manufacturing xu 20061343

[registration certificate no.]

[product standard number]

[product properties] this product is a disposable antibacterial medical dressing, which can achieve antibacterial effect through slow release of silver ions.

[main structure] composed of adhesive layer, antibacterial layer containing nano silver and release paper.

[scope of application] used for wound surface to help reduce wound infection.

[taboo, matters needing attention, warnings and suggestive instructions]

(1) it is forbidden for those who are allergic to any ingredients of this product, and it is forbidden for pregnant women, lactating women, newborn babies and infants;

(2) this product cannot replace the use of systemic antibiotics;

(3) the use of the product must meet the requirements of the relevant operation specifications and relevant laws and regulations of the medical department, and should only be used by trained doctors or nursing staff;

(4) the enterprise has not conducted relevant studies on the maximum restricted usable area and accumulated usable time of human body.

(5) clinicians should pay attention to the local toxicity and systemic toxicity of the product to human body, monitor the level of blood silver and urine silver and conduct hematological examination when necessary, and pay attention to the side effects of the product on liver and kidney.

(6) although this product has an anti-infection effect, it is not suitable for severe infected wounds and wounds with many necrotic tissues.

(7) according to the international animal experiment research literature in recent five years, no matter what exposure route is adopted, silver nanoparticles at a certain dose will lead to significant increase and accumulation of silver in organs and tissues;

Among them, liver and spleen are the most accumulated, followed by the kidney, which can cause liver, kidney toxicity and immunotoxicity.

In addition, nano-silver can cross a variety of biological barriers, including blood-brain, blood-testosterone, placenta, intestinal mucosa, etc., and can cause neurotoxicity, reproductive/developmental toxicity and genetic toxicity.

(8) according to foreign studies, the use of silver-containing dressings will interfere with mri or other electronic examinations, and this product has not been studied.

(9) medical institutions and users are requested to pay attention to the impact of nano-silver medical devices on the environment, and the use and waste of nano-silver medical devices should be handled in accordance with the relevant requirements of the environmental protection department and the national health and family planning commission.

(10) this product is only for one-time use;

Only one person can use the single-chip packaging, otherwise it may lead to cross infection.

(11) the product has been sterilized with ethylene oxide before leaving the factory, and the inner package is damaged, so it is prohibited to use.

Use immediately after opening to avoid contamination.

Products beyond the expiry date are prohibited.

(12) if the product is combined with products containing vaseline, chlorine, iodine and hydrogen peroxide, the efficacy of the dressing will be weakened.

[sterilization method] irradiation.

1. Do not use it again

2. Do not use the damaged package

3. Product name and specification (see package);

4. Name, registered address, production address and telephone number of the manufacturer (see package);

5. Registration certificate number and execution standard number of medical devices (see package);

6. Production date or batch number (see package);

7. Sterilization expiry date (see package).

[instruction] open the independent package, take out the patch, stick it on the wound surface, and replace the product according to the exudate.

[special storage conditions and methods] sealed, away from light, stored in a cool and dry place.

[term of validity] three years